My Dream Wardrobe Design

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There are some lucky (and often very wealthy) people whose dreamy (not to mention, huge) wardrobe spaces are the envy of us mere mortals. ‘Wardrobe’ would in fact be an understatement – they’re more like actual rooms dedicated to showing off someone’s endless sartorial belongings. They are shrines, a place to essentially show off what many can only dream of.

I’ve dreamt many times of what my ideal wardrobe space would be. A standard walk-in, but spacious enough to have room for a sofa and give it lounge vibes. The decorative theme would reflect my minimalist style: white or soft, pale grey walls; white installations with chrome features.

Each corner would be customised to suit my dress behaviour (for instance: trying to find a specific piece of black clothing in a pile of black clothing), and I’d try and sort each section by type of clothing – knowing myself, things can sometimes get a little hectic if I’m in a rush or in the classic “I have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear” mindset.

I’d arrange the contents of each section of my wardrobe, as I have currently, in order of colour – black, navy / darks, nudes and white are my go-to shades. Being quite minimal, I’d love to have stand-alone racks to show off and access some of my key pieces.

There’ll be one tall section for my dresses and coats, because I hate when my longer pieces drag and bunch up on the floor.

I’ve always wanted my wardrobe space to have shelves installed to include my shoe collection, so I can have them all lined up in rows according to style and then colour.

If you’re looking to refresh your wardrobe space and are based in the US, check out personalised storage comapany MakeSpace and their locations.


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