Review: Model’s Own Colour Chrome Eyeshadow Kits

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Working over summer at Model’s Own means I’ve been witness to their exciting new launches; whereas they were previously all about nails (fun fact: they have over 200 nail polishes to choose from in their bottleshops), they’ve redirected their focus to expanding their makeup range on a massive scale, launching unique products that I haven’t really seen anywhere else in the market.

One of those products is their new Colour Chrome Eyeshadow Kit. The kit, consisting of a metallic cream eyeshadow, liquid primer and tin tray, comes in 10 stunning shades; ranging from a universally flattering pale gold, to an ever-popular rose gold, to intensely deep night sky, emerald and jet black – I think there’s something for everyone.

Considering I’ve never seen a product like this anywhere else before (have you? Let me know if you’ve seen something similar in the comments!), I was really excited to try these out, but at the same, I was slightly sceptical, as cream shadows tend to crease in my eyelids after a few hours of wear. I picked up the shades Copper Lustre, a vivid copper (it’s in the name, really), and Platinum, a pale silver (again, in the name) and decided to give them a whirl.

IMG_7060 thumb_IMG_7064_1024 thumb_IMG_7063_1024 thumb_IMG_7075_1024 IMG_7074thumb_IMG_7069_1024thumb_IMG_7073_1024 thumb_IMG_7070_1024

Unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to take pictures with the Colour Chrome Eyeshadows on myself, but I will upload them as soon as I have! In the meantime, you can still gather the overall effect of the product in the swatches (it was my first attempt at that whole using-tape-to-achieve-swatch-goals thing).

The resulting effect of applying the product to the lids is a super-pigmented, super-intense metallic foil finish. Once it’s been applied, it sort of reminds me of the appearance of loose pigment enhanced with a fixing spray, except perhaps even more opaque and WOW-factor. I quite like the idea of using Platinum to highlight the inner corner of my eyes; with Copper Lustre, I’ll create a warm-toned canvas with powder eyeshadows, then pop the gilded bronze in the centre of the lid. 

In terms of the formula, I found it really satisfying just to pack the product all over my lid; the colour payoff is fucking incredible, and one of the perks of the firm-ish, slightly mousse-like cream formula is that you don’t get any pesky fallout, as you would with the majority of powder shadows.

Whilst I found that the shadow was in fact fairly long-lasting, however, as I suspected, the shadow did gather a little in my crease and become slightly flaky, say, after 4 or 5 hours of wear. Perhaps a little annoying, but this doesn’t really deter me from the overall awesomeness of the kit. Bare in mind, however, that I didn’t use anything to set the shadow; dusting a little transparent setting powder over the Colour Chrome might help prevent any creasing.

In regards to the effectiveness of the liquid primer, which claims to “intensify” the eyeshadow, I found that combining it with the shadow in the tray provided made the product softer and more malleable; I’m not entirely sure if it changed the overall visual effect, but perhaps it helps improve the staying power. I couldn’t really tell.

Overall, I’m quite in love with the Colour Chrome Eyeshadow Kits. They’re dramatic, high-impact and really pack a punch on the lid. There’s nothing soft and subtle about them; whilst you can use a teeny bit of product and sweep it across the lids for a more subtle shimmer, the point of this product seems to be to wear them boldly, for an intense, out-of-this-world look. I mean, you should want to be seen from space with this stuff on and nothing less. My God, they are simply poppin’.

I hope you’re tempted to get your hands on these babies – for £14.99 each, they’re pretty decent value for money, and I think they’re one-of-a-kind products!

The Style Banks x

(N.B. this isn’t a sponsored post: I paid for these products myself and this review is entirely honest and as unbiased as possible)


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