Looking To The Future

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I’ve got a lot to look forward to this year. After having my doubts about where I was going with my life over the past couple of years, I feel a little more reassured and confident in the direction I’m going.

Having just finished my second year at university, I can say that so far it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster. My course has at times had me convinced that “fashion journalism” isn’t for me; whilst I’ve enjoyed some parts of my course, frankly, I’ve equally hated other parts. A couple of disappointing assignment results and taking part in units that I really disliked had me in an endless back-and-forth of “should I quit uni?”.

However, the light of the end of the tunnel emerged when a friend of mine told me his aunt was the Managing Editor at ELLE UAE in Dubai, and that she’d be willing to offer an internship if I was able to travel there! Luckily, I was able to arrange the opportunity, and now, this September, I’ll be off to Dubai for a month’s internship at one of the world’s biggest fashion magazines!

It’ll be the first time I’m travelling alone and being completely by myself in a vast city I’ve never visited before, so I’m a little anxious but overall absolutely buzzing. One of the most exciting things is that I have no idea what to expect – there’s always been a little mystery behind what it’s really like to work for a fashion magazine, save for the dramatised likes of The Devil Wears Prada and documentary The September Issue. 

With this unbelievable experience on the cards for me, I hope it’ll open up some doors for me in the future; it’s notoriously not the easiest to get a job (or an internship, even) in fashion, so ELLE will be the chance for me to get to grips with the industry and maybe even make some useful contacts.

So, next month is going to be jam-packed with preparation (that preparation being: buying lots of stuff for my travels and the internship, some necessary, some absolutely not). But, before I’m off to Dubai, I’ve got a family holiday in Milan and then Reading Festival to look forward to.

Tell me what you’ve got planned this year in the comments!

The Style Banks x



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