OOTD: January Blues (Or Blacks, Rather)

Now playing: “REAL FRIENDS” by Kanye West (this sounds promising & more like the Kanye I know)


I’ve made it this year’s goal to post more style-related blog posts on a more visual level, as opposed to the usual written approach I take. I’ve always wanted to show off my personal style through blog posts by making OOTDs more of a frequent thing, but being camera-shy and not liking having my photo taken have prevented me from getting round to it.

Today, I chose to style my new camel bodice-style ribbed top from Topshop with my staple black ASOS trousers and my go-to grey and white New Balance trainers.










Okay, so I had no sleep the previous night and no amount of concealer seemed to, well, conceal that (in fact, finding an under-eye concealer that hides my dark circles is the bane of my life), so forgive me for looking a little gaunt, bare and puffy rather than your squeaky clean, glossy fashion blogger.

I like my black Missguided duster coat because it’s lightweight and long to the point where it pretty much drags on the floor, so I can be all dramatic and swooshy, like. Duster coat not keeping out the chill? Add a jacket of the same colour on top for a layered effect.

I hope you enjoyed my OOTD! I think it reflects my casual everyday style – minimal and clean, consisting of a palette of black, white and grey, mixed with the occasional navy or neutrals. Like I said, I’d like to publish more of these personal style posts more often. Shoutout to Paige Baker for snapping me!

The Style Banks x



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