Brand To Watch: ADER Error

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Up-and-coming South Korea-based clothing brand ADER Error is one to watch. With the brand’s ideology based on conveying simplicity whilst expressing the contemporary, it reworks the everyday for the trend-conscious youth. To sum them up, they simplify complex things – it’s minimal, but differentiated. ADER Error is for the non-conformists, the misfits, the cool kids.

Expect a lot of turtlenecks, oversized, casual fits and knitted rib textures. Integrated into these designs are sharp, bold graphics. Its Helevetica-style lettering emboss sweatshirts, its logos giving off an attitude so frank that they’re always simultaneously a bold statement. Plain-speaking slogans embellished onto colour-block patches such as “I know I’m a little rusty” give off an air of passing nonchalance, a “by the way” dialogue communicated through clothing.

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With most looks styled with yanked up white sports socks and chunky Nike trainers, one may dismissively pass off their style as normcore, but here’s the best thing about ADER Error that not many fashion brands bring to the table: their aesthetic is neither feminine or masculine – they bring a sense of gender-neutral, unisex style. The brand rejects the idea of gender binary in fashion by stating the majority of their clothing as unisex, with one example being a brilliant candy-pink overcoat.

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Meanwhile, some featured ensembles consisting of hues of tan, retro novelty sunglasses, berets and corduroy, accompanied by graphic pops of colour, hold the charm, quirk and nostalgia of a character out of a Wes Anderson movie – boy/girlscouts, salute!



ADER Error 10







A Crayola-box colour scheme and cobalt blue, red and yellow accents, combined with a playful deconstructed / reconstructed aesthetic, make ADER Error comparable to the likes of Vêtements and Agi & Sam.

ADER Error has done what is very difficult to do today in fashion – be original. They have reappropriated the bib and the turtleneck jumper and combined the two to make a “turtleneck warmer”; in simple terms it’s somewhat a scarf, or a snood, but really, it’s so much more than that. Is it even possible to design pieces that haven’t in some way been done before? A quick Google search shows that turtleneck warmers are…well, fairly niche. Could ADER Error bring turtleneck warmers to the forefront of fashion? We’ll have to wait and see.

At this point ADER Error is sacred, exclusive, seemingly relatively unknown (although its Instagram account has a fairly impressive 101,000 followers), – stockists are mainly in Seoul, South Korea, which is quickly establishing itself as a fashion hotspot to be reckoned with. But, watch this space if you are in one of the four fashion capitals, New York, London, Milan or Paris, as ADER Error could be setting up shop near you.




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