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Sorry I’ve been AWOL for the past couple of weeks! Going back to uni has totally bogged me down so I’ve just been trying to keep my life together, and as much as I’ve wanted to get a blog post up I just haven’t found the time! Don’t worry, I’m back now with a hunger to blog (I’ve actually been trying to get this post published for a while but for some reason it hasn’t let me upload images!).

With Fashion Month well and truly over (sadly), I’d thought I’d share with you my favourite SS16 collections!


Loewe SS16

Did you know that the creative director of Loewe is currently Jonathan Anderson? As in J.W. Anderson, one of my favourite designers? The mind is blown. I absolutely loved the inspiration behind this collection – from the clingfilm-like transparent skirts (note, those who were privileged enough to be invited to the show were sat on what appeared to be concrete slabs covered in clingfilm) to the shattered mirror applique to the recurring bird motif – it reminded me of a sort of wasteland where birds reside, and a beautiful one at that. Juxtaposedly, Anderson manages to keep the aesthetic of this collection meticulously clean whilst placing things in an interesting context. I could barely narrow down my favourite looks from the show; it was just too damn good.

_ARC0049 _ARC0063 _ARC0135 _ARC0181 _ARC0279 _ARC0595












Christian Dior SS16

A delphinium-covered Dior tent? Rihanna looking totally bomb? I was already intrigued and excited for the Dior show. Saccharine yet structurally contemporary, the layers of sweet, pristine white were juxtaposed by sharp tailoring in black and navy. Unlike previous seasons, Raf Simons chose not to embellish, leaving the tone of the collection simple, calm and quiet. Scallop-edged handkerchief cotton dresses met more masculine black suit jackets. The collection made me think “daytrip in the south of France – café au lait, lavender-picking and a top-down casual cruise”; nothing was particularly outrageous, challenging or avant-garde about this collection – and in a way, that makes what makes it uncannily refreshing.

_DIO0113 _DIO0161 _DIO0177 _DIO0277 _DIO0586 _DIO0970












Balenciaga SS16

This collection marks the last of Alexander Wang as Balenciaga’s creative director. And boy, did he make the show a celebration of his time there. It was a fair farewell – the collection, consisting of purely white ensembles, were modelled by Hollywood friends such as Zoe Kravitz, Suki Waterhouse, Nicola Peltz and Riley Keough whilst Tupac and Snoop blared through the speakers (I’m describing it as if I was there. I wasn’t.). Designs consisted of a mish-mash of ruffles, ridges, and ruches, many of the pieces embedded with bra-like cupped structures on the chest, all very tender and soft nonetheless. As Wang said backstage (source: “At a house that’s known for innovation, I thought, ‘Let’s think about it the opposite way, let’s think about fabrics and shapes that feel supple and simple, but approach them in an artisanal, couture way.’ ”. As Wang came out to bid farewell, he went out dancing, bouncing joyously and snapping selfies. Even Anna Wintour was smiling.

_MON0012 _MON0044 _MON0113 _MON0357 _MON0378 _MON0400















Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 22.58.17

Screen Shot 2015-10-11 at 22.58.17 copy


Céline SS16

You’re probably bored of my superior preference for Céline – in my top fashion season round-ups, Céline is nearly always on there. And that’s because I’ve always found Phoebe Philo’s designs original and faultless. Sorry, not sorry! This season’s collection consisted of structural masterpieces, on one hand lace-adorned slip dresses in contrasting black and white, on the other sleek yet utilitarian shapes and cuts.

_MON0150 _MON0719 _MON0616 _MON0478 _MON0398 _MON0190












Dion Lee SS16

I hadn’t heard of Australian designer Dion Lee until recently. Upon discovering him, I realised he was a force to be reckoned with; his Spring 2016 Ready-to-Wear collection gave off a sense of soft sensuality. It was relaxed and simple, supple satin and suede either clinging or draping from the models’ slender frames. Hues of sand and rust expressed Lee’s desire to introduce earth tones to the collection, emphasising that this collection is one that is grounded. One of my favourite features of the show? The gold wires parting the models’ faces down the centre – earth wires.

_A2X0420 _A2X0457 _A2X0646 _A2X0661 _A2X0679 _A2X0716












What were your favourite things about Fashion Month?

thestylebanks x




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