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This blog post is a beauty-loving student special – an homage to anyone who goes out and buys a lot of crap to put on their face and make them feel better about themselves. I type with bitterness. As I type, my voice has been reduced to nothing but a raspy croak. My body is shutting down. Going out the night before a 10am lecture? Doable, but incredibly regrettable. You hate yourself for it. The self-loathing and alcoholic residue drips off of you in one big ache. But enough of the heaving live anecdote – on to the products I’ve bought in my hangover haul!

Benefit Erase Paste, £20.50

Now, my dark circles are atrocious. They are literally a deep purple colour. Like, literal, eternal fresh purple bruises underneath my eyes. Most concealers sadly don’t do the job. But this industrial-strength baby has an incredibly thick, creamy consistency (you guessed it – like a paste!!) and the salmon undertones greatly help counteract the purple of my dark circles. Plus, I got an It’s Potent! Eye Cream sample with my purchase. Die, dark circles, die!

Benefit High Beam, £19.50

Years ago, I was given a Benefit’s Watt’s Up! miniature as a birthday freebie from Sephora (WHY DON’T WE HAVE SEPHORA IN THE UK???), but recently I’ve been looking for the perfect liquid highlighter as I thought it’d be easier to blend all over my face (additionally, I found the Watt’s Up! was a little too golden-toned for my complexion). A friend recommended Benefit High Beam, so I bought it, and it’s my absolute new favourite. It’s the perfect, pink-toned pearl that gives an instant healthy, lit-from-within glow. Not to mention, it makes me look a bit more like a living, human being after a night out.

Nip + Fab Bee Sting Fix Eye Cream, £14.95 (half price at Superdrug right now!)

I decided to take action against my foreboding dark circles – although I doubt that most eye creams claiming to fade dark circles actually work, I threw my hands in the air and gave Nip + Fab’s Bee Sting Fix Eye Cream the benefit of the doubt. The product claims it helps brighten dark circles with the use of amino acid. Okay, amino acid, you’re going to have your work cut out for yourself when you meet my deep purple pits of death. I have yet to start using the Bee Sting Fix Eye Cream as I’m currently giving my Benefit It’s Potent! Eye Cream a go, but will get back to you with a review ASAP.

Too Faced Natural Matte Neutral Eye Shadow Collection, £32

I’m pretty sure I saw this in Debenhams for £32 or so, but when I set my heart on this palette a couple of months ago, I got my friend who was visiting New York to grab it for me from Sephora for the equivalent of £25. It’s not every day you can find a perfect, all-matte eyeshadow palette – in fact, I’ve found that the majority of eyeshadow palettes tend to be stingy on the mattes and go crazy on the shimmer. So when I discovered that Too Faced had created an all-matte version of their Natural Eyes Neutral Eye Shadow Collection, I knew I had to have it. The Natural Matte eye palette is a great essential to have amongst all my shimmer-filled palettes, and comes in a gorgeous range of versatile neutrals with really attractive, pretty names (v. important, of course). It also comes in a small, handy tin case with a built-in mirror and a little leaflet containing 3 how-to looks. Perfection!

Bioré Ultra Deep Cleansing Pore Strips, £7.99

Even though I’ve found that pore strips never do much for me, I was in a beauty haul frenzy and just felt like I needed these. Have you found that these work for you? I’m still undecided.

Clean & Clear Advantage Clear & Soothe Foaming Wash, £4.99

This foaming face wash just does the job for me. Keeps breakouts at bay without being harsh on the skin.

Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Banana

Okay, so technically I haven’t bought this yet as part of my haul, because I’ve been finding it virtually impossible to get it online without a catch (high delivery cost, shipped from the bloody US, comes as a dodgy sample rather than the actual thing, etc. etc.). However, my friend kindly gave me a little sample from the Banana Powder she owns, so I’ve been using that as a substitute whilst I find the brightening loose powder I’ve been looking for. So far, I’m fairly happy with the Banana Powder – it has prevented creases forming underneath my eyes from concealer, and sets underneath my eyes to the extent that they feel really lovely, soft and powdery. I think a little bit goes a long, long way – the powder is yellow, which should help counteract blue-purple dark circles, but one time I went a little bit too powder-happy and soon noticed that underneath my eyes it looked a little cakey. Any tips to prevent this, beauty bloggers?

I was hoping to try Laura Mercier’s Secret Brightening Powder, but at the moment it’s out of stock from everywhere that’s accessible to me. Have you tried this product? What do you think of it?

thestylebanks x



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