OOTD – Shades of Cool

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Hi everyone! This marks my very first Outfit of the Day, after much procrastination (I’m very camera-shy / camera-awkward). I’ve recently been building a wardrobe of white, grey, black and navy basics, but for summer I’ve also been loving blue a lot lately! I find the colour to be so easy on the eye as well as being very versatile, as different shades can easily be combined to make an outfit. Blue also seems to be one of those colours that works year-round (note: contrary to what I just said, I don’t believe that colours should be assigned to certain seasons, eg. some people say that white should generally be worn in the summertime. The time of year shouldn’t dictate when you can wear which shades!)

IMG_4828 IMG_4832 IMG_4839

Knitted top: Zara
Jersey bomber jacket: ASOS
Jeans: ASOS
Shoes: Topshop
Bag: Zara

What have you been wearing this summer?

thestylebanks x




2 thoughts on “OOTD – Shades of Cool

    1. Hiya,

      Thank you so much! It means a lot to me, I’m really trying to get into the blogger community and become more interactive with other bloggers, so I really appreciate your comment!
      I like your blog a lot, it’s honest and seems true to yourslef. Keep at it! 🙂
      thestylebanks / Izzie x

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