A Love Letter to ASOS White

Now playing: “Ultraviolence” by Lana Del Rey (the sun is out & it’s got me in that Lana mood [although to be honest, is there ever a time where I’m not in a Lana mood?])

Dear ASOS White,

I think you perfectly epitomise my personal style (in an ideal world, i.e. if I could afford to buy everything I desired). Your attitude towards style is redefining the utilitarian without disregarding a desirable aesthetic; innovative and almost uniform, your collections often stick to a widely-functional palette of navy, khaki, grey, black and white.

This season, you’ve rummaged through the art-room paintbox for colour-block grid prints. While keeping silhouettes simple, tailored separates and T-shirt dresses go clean-lined in crisp cotton, delicate silk and organza, maintaining your sense of premium quality which you convey through your selective use of fabric.

This season also sees you playing with proportions with a premium collection of silk shorts, tailored trousers and organza-trimmed utility coats. My style tip? Try subtle extra layering with barely-there strap dresses, camisoles and soft bra tops in a palette of gentle pastels. Pair them up with navy and grey to downplay your look while maximising the minimalistic aesthetic that works year-round.

May you forever design gorgeous clothes that I will never be able to afford.
thestylebanks x


Sadly, with a premium collection comes a slightly premium price. However, if you’re lucky, they often slash the prices of products that been in the collection for a while, so keep a look out! I’ve managed to snag a couple of their pieces for a fair price! Here are just a few of my favourite picks from the current collection (all images asos.com):

Sheer Fine Knit Jumper, £45

image1xxl (3)image2xxl (3)image3xxl (1)

Block Print Cotton Jumper, £65

image1xxl (1) image2xxlimage4xxl

Floral Jacquard Trousers, £52.50 (there’s a matching jacquard bomber jacket that’s even more expensive too!!)

image1xxl (4) image2xxl (6) image4xxl (5)

Silk Shorts, £14 (!!!) (I’ve ordered these and they’re on their way to me, can’t wait to try them on!)

image1xxl (7) image3xxl (2) image2xxl (4)

Organza Detailed Hooded Sweat, £43

image1xxl (2)image2xxl (2)image3xxl

High-Shine Linen Mix Midi Skirt, £29 (shiny, oh so shiny)

image1xxl (6) image4xxl (2)

Organza Detail Wool Parka, £72 

image1xxlimage2xxl (1)image4xxl (1)

Side Zip Jogger Trousers, £22

image1xxl (5)

Silk Bralet, £12 (this is very delicate and very skimpy, so this is for the flatter-chested) (this would look great with a sheer organza / mesh top layered over it)

image1xxl (8) image3xxl (3) image4xxl (3)

And finally, this Leather and Chevron Mix Midi Dress, £48 (I love how it’s styled with a white cotton tee in the bottom picture)

image1xxl (9) image2xxl (5) image4xxl (4)

Until next week!

thestylebanks x



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