The Predictable “Favourite Met Gala Looks” Blog Post

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With the aftermath of the Met Gala, *update, this post is a little late, turns out I completely forgot to post it! My bad* comes the annual influx of every blogger wading in to discuss their favourite looks from the event. With this year’s theme being China: Through the Looking Glass, what were we to expect? Some of the most memorable looks were sheer, embellished dresses – especially from a couple of bootylicious ladies…Meanwhile, a number of attendees adorned themselves in floral brocades, and of course – perhaps in reference to China’s belief that the colour brings luck and is widely used within their culture – the occasional flurry of red was bound to appear. Elsewhere, luxurious materials and textures were a common occurrence – from rich velvet to beaded fringing to sultry satin, each attendee brought their own unique interpretation to the red carpet.

And of course, this year’s Met Gala brought in the usual influx of gags – namely Rihanna’s “omelette” / pizza base dress, and let’s not forget this:

Jason DeruulllooooooooooOooOooO


Now enough of the memes and onto the outfits. Firstly, EVERYONE IS WEARING GIVENCHY / VERSACE / ROBERTO CAVALLI / CUSTOM H&M. Nevertheless, this year’s Met Gala was full of exquisite looks – here are a couple of my favourites.

1. Joan Smalls in Roberto Cavalli – that bold, brilliant violet looks so fucking good on her, she’s like a striking orchid.

All images
All images

2. Rosie Huntington-Whitely in Versace (is Rosie Huntington-Whitely human? How is it humanly possible to look and glow like her?). The minor cut-outs in the dress, the meandering one-shoulder strap, the satiny, shimmery nude that embraces her svelte figure, and the dark lip that just adds a touch of femme-fatale enigma…this woman is pure goddess.


3. I’ve got to hand it to the ever-bold Solange Knowles – in that Giles Deacon dress, you’re the 21st century Birth of Venus (although I wonder, what are you supposed to do with your arms in this dress? Like, must they always be outstretched? What if they get tired?). That cosmic-black-pearl material is captivating.  Keep on sassing, Solange.


4. Zoe Kravitz in Alexander Wang, because Zoe Kravitz.


5. Jaime King in Hugo Boss. She manages to pull off the brilliant orange so sleekly and flawlessly; the way it just drapes off of her effortlessly – dayum, she looks good pregnant! Simplistic and fuss-free, but effective.


6. Jennifer Lopez in Atelier Versace – she’s still got it, she’s still Jenny from the block – how old is she again?


7. Constance Jablonski in Theory. One thing I love about the Met Gala is the fact that some attendees don’t feel that they have to wear a dress. Something as minimal and understated like this is a refreshing sight after fawning over all those gowns.


8. Zhu Zhu / Sofia Richie in Stella McCartney. There’s something really visually satisfying about looking at Zhu Zhu’s dress, right where the razor-sharp shard of black juts into the white. And I just loved the pure simplicity of Sofia Richie’s gown.


Image from
Image from

9. Diane Kruger in Chanel – now, I’m not entirely sure if I love this look, I’d just like to commend how Diane Kruger keeps it chic in everything she wears and for some reason never seems to do any

10. Nicola Peltz in Hugo Boss, like a boss. She is an absolute vision (just like Jaime King, also pictured and also in Hugo Boss) in this pure white design.

Image from
Image from



What were your favourite looks from this year’s Met Gala? Feel free to discuss in the comments!

thestylebanks x


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