A Love Letter To Valentino

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Hello blogosphere,

As mentioned in a previous post, I’m always lost for words by the beautiful creations of Valentino. I think just a few words of gratitude will suffice praising one of the gods of high fashion (all images: style.com)


Dear Valentino,

Your obsessive passion for intricate details and ornamentation makes me swoon. You are the master of the sheer, embellished dress; with a palette of coral, grey-hued powder blue, seashell and ivory, you paid tribute to the treasures of the seaside (S/S ’15 Ready-to-Wear), some gowns printed with seashells and coral, others embroidered with starfish, sailing ships and other deep-sea paraphernalia.
















Meanwhile, your Sala Bianca 945 event showcased an incredibly powerful collection consisting purely of whites; from strikingly minimalist, clean-cut looks to feminine, chiffon and lace romantic frills, sometimes both aesthetics combined, I’ve fallen for the way you’ve taken one singular palette and created such distinctive looks.

Valentino_007_1366 Valentino_008_1366 Valentino_009_1366 (1) Valentino_013_1366 Valentino_027_1366 Valentino_046_1366 Valentino_043_1366 Valentino_037_1366 Valentino_036_1366 Valentino_035_1366


















Valentino, you’ve captured my heart for eternity.

All my love,

thestylebanks x


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