A Totally Unimpressive Easter Mini-Haul

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Hey all,

I’ve recently been indulging in a LOT of retail therapy. After a day out in London, I came back with these:

My mini-haul
My mini-haul

Not only is it really satisfying to see my purchases laid out like that, the pleasing aesthetic also slightly takes the edge off the amount of money I’ve spent.

I first took to Zara and bought a new handbag, skirt and leather jacket:


Thinking about all the outfit combinations I could make out of these key wardrobe pieces is a treat. The nude bag looks luxe and expensive but only cost me £39.99; the black mini skirt is of course an essential, but the jacquard texture makes it a little more interesting.

IMG_4168 IMG_4173 IMG_4172 IMG_4171 IMG_4170 IMG_4169

IMG_4164 IMG_4166

I’ve been searching for the perfect leather jacket for years. Although, being honest with myself, I was never going to spend over £100 on a genuine leather jacket, so in the end I gave in and found this classic design, without compromising on value:

(I just couldn't take a picture of it myself that did the jacket justice, so I took this off of zara.com/uk) (sorry)
(I just couldn’t take a picture of it myself that did the jacket justice, so I took this off of zara.com/uk)

Meanwhile, I’ve been on the hunt for a kind of flushed, just-bitten shade of lipstick. MAC’s Brick-o-la is a gorgeous amplified creme lipstick that glides on like a treat – a mid-tone creamy berry with a slight terracotta / roasted peach hue. Review to follow!

The ever-coveted MAC lipstick – smells like vanilla and happiness
And this is what it looks like on de lips…how would you describe the colour?

My skin gets really dry, so I also picked up Soap & Glory’s Flake Away, a body polish that smells absolutely delectable, as many Soap & Glory products do:

IMG_4157 IMG_4158

And finally, I found the perfect lacy red bra from M&S (online only though so v. special) that was a perfect fit (something that’s hard to come by for me these days):

The picture doesnt
Click the link for some better images


What have you been buying recently?

thestylebanks x


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