Pure London – WGSN AW15/16 Trend Report

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Last Monday me and my course gals went to Pure London, a leading bi-annual fashion buying event hosted at Olympia in West Kensington. It
 was a hub for dynamic upcoming brands, trend and retail experts, as well as media voices, allowing both independent and big-name stores, as well as online retailers, to connect with brands and place orders. The vast space was filled with hundreds of promising new fashion brands bringing fresh ideas and aesthetics across two floors – sheer overwhelm and excitement for any fashion enthusiast.

One of the most exciting and useful parts of Pure was the WGSN AW15/16 buyers’ briefing, where a report was given on the upcoming trends this autumn and winter. We were given exciting insights into the details, prints and patterns, and key looks that will be storming the streets and the trendsetting stores. We learnt that loose silhouettes will become the key look, without neglecting the feminine form by styling outfits with belts that cinch the waist.

Sara Maggioni, Senior Editor of Retail & Buying at WGSN, talks us through upcoming AW trends.
Sara Maggioni, Senior Editor of Retail & Buying at WGSN, talks us through upcoming AW trends.

Another forecast for this autumn and winter season were interesting takes on classic outerwear. The classic trench coat will be making its mark in a new, longer length, still with its signature belt to emphasise the waist. Meanwhile, the leather trucker, a leather and denim jacket hybrid, emulates a cool, slightly masculine attitude. The sleeveless tailored coat, the ¾ length jacket, the yeti jacket – all stylishly fearless choices.

WGSN predicts that the kimono will be reinventing itself in the cold seasons as winter-appropriate outerwear.

Other trends suggest a more relaxed approach to dress. The longline blouse, white polo neck, wide-leg and casual tapered trousers are expected to be worn, whilst the ever tricky-to-pull-off culottes will be making an appearance from the more daring. Despite the more laid-back attitude, considered details are to be incorporated into ensembles, such as monograms. This is likely an influence of Burberry, whose monogrammed capes quickly became a sensation.

This season, we’ll also be seeing details that amp up an outfit, such as dramatic turn-ups on the hems of jeans, almost like a stylish after-thought. As Valentino (I LOVE Valentino and might actually write a post in homage to them) have become the masters of the couture decorative sheer dress, they are sure to spark a trend for party season. And finally, to reiterate the careful thought put in to detail this AW15/16, we’ll be seeing colour injection – a more stylish and thoughtful approach to the predictable colour block that’s been popular in recent times.

Valentino - the masters of the sheer dress. SS15 Campaign (source:http://fashionistabarbieuk.com/2015/01/top-five-ss15-fashion-campaigns/)
Valentino – the masters of the sheer dress, as shown in their SS15 Campaign (source:http://fashionistabarbieuk.com/2015/01/top-five-ss15-fashion-campaigns/)
SS14 - this is what dreams are made of.
Ethereal Valentino SS14 – this is what dreams are made of (source: vogue.com)











The briefing was a definitive look into what colours we will be seen adorning ourselves in this autumn and winter season, and it looks as though things are warming up – moving away from the cooler tones we’ve seen in past AW seasons.

This year we will be fighting the cooler temperatures by turning up the heat with warm, earthy tones such as rich browns, camel as well as classic neutrals. These are to be complemented by felty textures and suede, giving off a 70s vibe. Meanwhile, cranberry is predicted to become the new alternative to red – whereas red has often proven to be a popular colour for lingerie and clothing, it can be a little crass and harsh – the pink undertones of cranberry soften and complement delicate details and dainty lingerie, an elegant, rich yet feminine option.

Rich browns
Camel – a classic autumnal shade
Cranberry – the new alternative to red




Orange tones have recently been packing a punch, and they’re not going anywhere. Again perhaps referencing the nostalgic colour scheme of the 1970s, orange is going to be worn boldly and bravely; whether it be accented in a neutral item or worn full on as a statement piece, orange is sure to be the colour injection of choice.

Bold orange

On the other hand, it won’t be a complete move away from cooler tones. Cool tones stand their ground amongst the warmer colours dominating the chillier months; indigo blues, charcoal and rich, jewel teal are sure to be favoured for those who want to match their outfit with the temperature.

Indigo tones
Charcoal grey

All in all, the briefing’s eye-opening scope on future trends really revealed how innovative people’s approach to fashion can be, and left me v. inspired. Any elements that you think you’ll be leaning towards? Leave a comment!

thestylebanks x



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