Georgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation vs. Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

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I believe that foundation is an investment – and whilst I’m all for high-street – there are some foundations that do the job just as well as luxury – sometimes it’s worth the hefty price-tag for that quality that’s just so hard to find with foundations. Laura Mercier, the brand that brought beauty bloggers & makeup artists alike the cult product that is Secret Camouflage, has made me loyal to their Silk Creme Foundation, which cost me £34; you can buy it from John Lewis, all the high-end department stores…or just online

Trust me when I say I’ve been loyal – a few years ago, I decided I was grown up enough to invest in my first proper grown-up foundation, after rookie years of switching from one high-street foundation to another, all of which had dismal results. I first bought Silk Creme in the shade “Medium Ivory”, which really opened my eyes – wow, this foundation is great!…only towards the end of its use my mother bluntly pointed out to me that my face was a whole different colour from my neck. Okay then, next time I’ll get a lighter shade! The next shade I purchased was “Beige Ivory”, which I still actually own – the good thing about this stuff is that you only need to use a little due to its fairly thick consistency and medium coverage, so one tube lasts well over a year – oh hang on, I’m applying this in natural daylight and what a surprise – it’s STILL darker than my actual skin tone!!!! This time, thankfully, the difference between my skin tone and Beige Ivory wasn’t too noticable, so I decided to stick it out for a little longer.

Back to the Laura Mercier counter again. This time, I swore to myself that I’d get a sample of it first so that I could try it on at home and wear it about. I really recommend that, especially with a pricey luxury foundation, even after the lady matches a foundation for you, that you take a sample home. The lighting in the shop is very different from natural daylight – I know this all too well! At the counter, I made it absolutely explicit that my skin is lighter than the lady thought it was, and so I was matched with “Rose Ivory” this time, which is the shade I currently use. Third time lucky right? Rose Ivory’s a good match, only I’ve found that when I look at myself applying it in natural daylight, the undertone is a little too pink for me. I should’ve known – being half-Asian, the undertone of my skin is slightly yellow. Rose ivory. Rose ivory. Rose can only imply a pink undertone, no?

Laura Mercier’s Silk Creme Foundation in Beige Ivory (top) and Rose Ivory (bottom). The struggle is real.

Thanks for hanging on through that boring series of anecdotes. I just wanted an outlet for my foundation-related frustration. I recently made a trip to John Lewis for some foundation samples, something I have no shame in whatsoever – try before you buy, right? I paid a visit to Georgio Armani, the creators of bestseller Luminous Silk Foundation, which has quickly achieved cult status as some kind of holy grail. I was instantly fawning over the beautifully suave bottle, and imagined how nice it would be to have one of these as my own. Stop it, I told myself. You have to be strong, merciless. The application of Luminous Silk was weirdly soothing – it went on very smoothly and blended right in. I was matched with shade 4, “Light Sand”.

Meanwhile, I took the chance to get a Silk Creme Foundation match, for the fourth bloody time, at Laura Mercier. This time I was matched with “Cream Ivory”, after explaining that Rose Ivory had too much of a pink undertone for me.

COMPARISON – (I’d include images of me wearing both foundations, only the camera made them look virtually identical on my face.)

Left: Laura Mercier’s Silk Creme Foundation in Cream Ivory | Right: Georgio Armani’s Luminous Silk Foundation in 4 – Light Sand | As you can see, the Georgio Armani’s slightly more sheer than the Laura Mercier, and is less orange-toned and more neutral, which suited me better.

Laura Mercier: In comparison to Georgio Armani, the consistency of Laura Mercier’s Silk Creme is thicker and creamier. Still, blending is easy and the foundation provides a good medium coverage, so I rarely need to use concealer. If there is something I want to conceal, I dot Silk Creme on the area, leave it to oxidise for a bit, then blend, which conceals the area a lot better than just applying the foundation as normal. Looking closely at Cream Ivory on my face, I find the tone to still be a bit on the orange side rather than yellow. 


  • Natural finish
  • Creamy formula
  • Good coverage
  • Only a small amount needed
  • Long-lasting, both in wear and actual lifespan of product (lasts over a year)
  • Slightly matte finish (pro or con depending on what your preference is) but still has luminous quality to it


  • Can look slightly cakey if too many layers applied
  • Expensive (£34 at John Lewis)

Overally verdict: 8/10

Georgio Armani: The consistency of Georgio Armani’s LSF is fairly thin, which I find to be a good thing, because it blends seamlessly into my skin, and it makes it easier to build on layers, resulting in a natural veil of coverage. A little more product is needed than the Laura Mercier, plus I’ve found this to be less long-lasting than Silk Creme. The shade matched to me, number 4, was a good match.


  • Seamless blending, looks just like skin rather than layers of product
  • Natural finish
  • Lightweight, silky texture
  • Buildable coverage
  • Feels hydrating


  • Expensive (£35.50 at John Lewis)
  • Not as long-lasting as Laura Mercier
  • Feels slightly oily on skin after endured wear
  • More transferable than Laura Mercier (ends up on fingers etc. more easily than latter)

Overall verdict: 8/10 I’ve given both foundations the same overall rating because whilst Laura Mercier’s is an all-rounder and generally performs better on the skin, I just haven’t found a shade neutral enough for me. So, Georgio Armani is just about the winner for me, the main reason being because I’ve made tone a priority – Luminous Silk Foundation in shade 4 is more neutral than Silk Creme Foundation in Cream Ivory, making it a closer match to my skin. They called it Luminous Silk Foundation for a reason – skin looks so fresh, healthy, smooth & glowy, more so than Laura Mercier, whilst still providing medium coverage. The Georgio Armani has a slightly more dewy finish than the Laura Mercier, but sadly can feel a bit oily on the skin after endured wear. Whilst both foundations are expensive, both are very very good and worth the investment, depending on your preference for finish and skin tone.

Have you tried either or both of these products? Am I simply too picky? Let me know in the comments which you prefer! 🙂

thestylebanks x


3 thoughts on “Georgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation vs. Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

  1. Why don’t you try mixing the two? I know they have different textures, but it might be awesome. I do that a lot when my skin is being weird and doesn’t know what colour it wants to be.


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