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Perfume undeniably adds a final touch of femininity to a woman. Unlike clothing, shoes or makeup, perfume is an almost intangible expression of a woman’s personal style. I know that most of the time I don’t feel complete until I’ve left the house with a little something on my wrists and neck. Scent gives an intriguing allure, a certain presence, and I think every woman should look for that signature scent that both embodies their personality and leaves people remembering who you are when you leave a room – a lasting impression.

As humans, we’re naturally visual creatures, but there’s something about certain scents that bring back fond, vivid memories. I distinctly remember my first perfume, shared by both my mum and me – Vera Wang Princess. It has remained a fond part of my memories as it made me feel both grown up and youthful at the same time, and the scent of it is seems hardwired into my consciousness. I remember the scent being exquisite and the bottle was to die for. The other day I was browsing the perfume at John Lewis, only to pick up Princess again and find it as charming and endearing as I did all those years ago.

I’ve often mulled over whether I’d prefer to own many different perfumes or a select few signature ones. What do you think? Whilst I swoon over the idea of having a vast collection of every scent a girl could ever blooming want, a glorious fragrance emporium, I also smile with content at my small but core selection of personal favourites. The perfumes I currently own are Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, Narciso Rodriguez for Her, and Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy.

I’ve never smelled a scent as crisp and fresh as the unmistakable Coco Mademoiselle. Shit’s expensive, but it’s precious and simply iconic – it also smells expensive and makes me feel like a rich Chanel regular, which is obviously not the case. Meanwhile, Narciso Rodriguez for Her has become my go-to daily fragrance; where I find most musky scents too heady, the woody florals of this scent simmer softly and tenderly to make a gentle, wearable musk. On the other hand, my transition into nighttime wear is with Carolina Herrera – 212 Sexy is bright, spicy and warm, with a pleasant musky undertone. The scent is addictive, but not overwhelming.

Perfumes are so exciting and there’s definitely something out there for everyone. A fragrance is a mark of femininity, and it’s an investment that’ll last you a lifetime. What are your favourite scents and why?

Keira 😍
Keira 😍








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