OOTD’s to come

Now playing: ‘Nerve’ by Half Moon Run

French Connection coat, £225 :O



Hey all,

Just a quick update – I hope to be posting my outfits of the day as frequently as I can – I’d love for someone to take pictures of me as they’re far better and more “bloggish” than a blurry shot into my awkward, 3/4 length mirror. As the workload and extra errands to run pile up, this is seeming less of a priority but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do! So bear with ✌

Along with my increasingly busy schedule (sorry for how pretentious that sounded haha), I’m coming across some exciting new potential opportunities for experience. Working hard and staying motivated and positive have me excited for any opportunities that come my way – my course allows me to meet a lot of inspiring figures!

So, I hope to be be able to keep up with my blog as writing and communicating the essence of my personal style is something I love doing!

More OOTD’s and style-related posts to come 🙂

Izzie x

(To clarify, I do not own the coat in the picture, I just like to pretend that I do.)


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