Hi again

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Hi…(why this feels like an awkward ‘hi’ to me I don’t know, but putting the ellipsis at the end makes it more awkward-seeming)

I’ll admit that I’ve been slacking, not only with my blog, but just generally I’ve been spending my days off being totally unproductive (probably not a word; I mean: counterproductive) !  Uni life is a lot to adjust to – meeting new people, finding your ground socially, being entirely dependent on my food choices. The late, boozy nights, the impulse buys purchased out of sheer boredom, and just about crawling out of bed to get to lectures on time. Recently, something changed that made me feel quite a bit happier about life, and I’m not sure whether I’d be as happy here without this happening to me. I’m not entirely sure whether it’s the one thing, or just the whole change of environment, but despite the stress that inevitably comes with being at uni, I’m feeling happier and it’s great! In light of feeling the happiest I’ve probably ever been this year, I thought I’d try and pull myself together and get back on my blogging game 💪.

I set up my blog because I wanted to do something else for myself, something that I’d love doing, not just because I was going to study fashion journalism and thought I’d do it for the sake of it. I get tongue-twisted when I type. I get writer’s block and give up too easily. Don’t even get me started on trying to get started on a new blog post. But I’ve figured that if I just write and keep writing, without fussing and agonising over the contents or style of my writing, I’ll get into a pretty good work flow. I enjoy reading blogs, especially fashion-related ones, and I want to be part of that community!

So, even as the workload starts piling up (already 😒 I thought the first term AT LEAST would be a massive doss 😩) I hope to start writing more regularly, not worrying about how long and impressive each post is, but just going for it! It’s strange writing about my personal experiences and opinions to a faceless group of strangers, but it’s kind of exhilarating too, I guess.

Watch this space for more on thestylebanks
Peace out
Izzie x


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