A couple of weeks ago my family and I flew to Stockholm for a little European getaway. As we were driven to our hotel from the airport, I was fascinated by the old buildings stood on various islands as we passed, painted warm colours and looking all European and proudly-conserved as important parts of Swedish heritage. On the first day we walked from our hotel in Hammarbyhamnen, a residential area less than central to the central areas of Stockholm, to Södermalm, one of the more central districts of Stockholm. IT WAS A 40 MINUTE WALK 😦 The next day we found out we could’ve got a tram pass that would’ve taken us 5 minutes to get to the same place :)) It was such a relief to get one of those the next day and be wherever we wanted to be in no time!

It took a while to get my head round the geoprahical layout of the city; it’s not like one big central hub like London – it’s split into a load of districts according to the islands it’s split up into. I took a screenshot of what it was like because I am bad at explaining this coherently:

Aaah so many island bits

It was refreshing yet surprising to know that, as the capital city of Sweden, Stockholm only has a population of around 1 million. What I really liked about the city was that it wasn’t very touristy; mainly just Swedes enjoying life in the city, with the occasional but indisruptive (there’s a red dotted line under that word but it is a word right? Or is it undisrupted?)  group of tourists. One of my favourite areas was Gamla stan, also known as the Old Town of Sweden, which is the chunk in the centre with the bridge connecting the upper and lower chunk (I hated how that just sounded in my head but I CAN’T THINK OF ANY OTHER WAY TO SAY IT). Gamla stan is a hub of many cobbled alleys with charming cafes and gift shops, which I got to explore in really nice, sunny weather :)) It’s also home to the Royal Palace, which I did go inside of but most of it was restricted. Ah well.

What I wore for (window) shopping

What also made Stockholm a great experience was the street style. Swedish women (and some of the men too) were strikingly minimalist with what they wore – very understated, fuss-free yet so so chic. They wear a lot of black too – a big thumbs up from me! Stockholm had a lot of cool clothing shops – one of my favourites was a store called Weekday , which epitomised the Scandi minimalist, clean-cut aesthetic. I would’ve done a haul and put it up on the blog but, as you can see on the website, everything was pretty pricey 😦 And of course, my trip to Stockholm wouldn’t have been complete without a visit to H&M’s sister store, & Other Stories I’ll probably write a blog post simply expressing my sheer love for everything about this store (except the prices), but yeah, this was a very exciting experience for me. Unfortunately, despite my burning desire to own everything in the shop, I didn’t buy anything. But that day will come.

All in all, Stockholm was a refreshing place to explore, with a diverse culture of old and new undisturbed by commercial tourism, and its street style became an inspiration to my own personal style.

I’ll leave you with some pictures that’ll give you the essence of Stockholm:

Hammardbyhamnen near our hotel. Such a contemporary, quiet area, it was almost surreal
Södermalm, one of the districts in central Stockholm
Södermalm, one of the districts in central Stockholm
Beige, peach and stone-coloured building blocks in Södermalm







This is the Bond Street of Stockholm if you like (in the Östermalm district)
Some very official / royal looking dudes on horses
Shades of warm down a quieter street of Östermalm
Mouthwateringly beautiful townhouse in Östermalm. Imagine living in that #thedream
On the same street, that ivy be climbin
The Royal Palace in Gamla stan
My mumma
Gamla stan
Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset
A cute cobbled square in Gamla stan

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset



Bear with me (spent a while really thinking about whether the correct spelling was “Bear” or “Bare” haha) for some fashion / style-related posts 🙂

Izzie x


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